Apache ShardingSphere is included in CNCF Landscape


(Cloud Native Computing Foundation),is a cloud native computing open source software foundation founded by Google. It is committed to the popularization and sustainable development of Cloud Native technology. Cloud native technology helps enterprises and organizations to build and run agile and scalable applications in modern dynamic environments (such as public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds) through a series of software, specifications, and standards. The representative cloud-native technologies including containers, micro-services, micro-service governance, and declarative APIs, etc.

CNCF Landscape

(https://github.com/cncf/landscape) is an important project from CNCF. It aims to provide a resource map for cloud native users, enterprises and developers quickly understand the overall picture of the cloud native system.

The CNCF divides the cloud-native ecosystem horizontally into five layers, and vertically maps out two parts for them which are common to the five horizontal layers. The five horizontally divisions layer are: Application Definition and Development, Orchestration and Governance, Runtime, Supply Assurance, and Cloud Facilities. The two vertically divided parts are: observation and analysis and platform. The integrating of these functions result in a complete cloud platform service product offering with the following panorama the:

— The above content is taken from the book “Future Architecture: From Service to Cloud Native”


On June 28, 2019, UTC+8, Apache ShardingSphere entered CNCF Landscape. It has a place in the following panorama App Definition Development-Database field.

Apache ShardingSphere will keep going to expand and improve in the open source and cloud native fields, and builds an organic open source ecosystem!

We are hoping that more supporters of open source and cloud-native communities can join us to move forward together and promote the common growth of the Apache ShardingSphere community and its contributors!

Since Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating) has been open sourced in 2016, it has been constantly improving and developing, and has been recognized by more and more companies and individuals: 8000+ stars have been harvested on Github, and successful cases of nearly 100 companies. In addition, more and more enterprises and individuals have joined the open source project of Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating), which has contributed tremendously to its growth and development.




Transform any DBMS in a distributed database system & enhance it with sharding, elastic scaling features & more. https://linktr.ee/ApacheShardingSphere

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Apache ShardingSphere

Apache ShardingSphere

Transform any DBMS in a distributed database system & enhance it with sharding, elastic scaling features & more. https://linktr.ee/ApacheShardingSphere

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