E-Hualu X ShardingSphere | Hulu Story’s Data Processing Shortcut

Hulu App’s growth pressure: feature extension and new services

The high requirement for data storage and computing is in the genes of the Hulu App technical team.

Leverage ShardingSphere’s features to Create a Flexible, Highly-Available Data Architecture Solution

Hulu App’s team studied their needs and spent two weeks evaluating ShardingSphere and other similar solutions. They had evaluative indicators like product feature, maturity, stability and performance. At last, they chose ShardingSphere because of its powerful features, its support and its high maturity can fully meet their needs.

ShardingSphere Community:

ShardingSphere Github: https://github.com/apache/shardingsphere



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Apache ShardingSphere

Apache ShardingSphere

Transform any DBMS in a distributed database system & enhance it with sharding, elastic scaling features & more. https://linktr.ee/ApacheShardingSphere