ShardingSphere 4.x -Sharding-Proxy-Manual


Sharding-Proxy is the second product of ShardingSphere. It defines itself as a transparent database proxy, providing a database server that encapsulates database binary protocol to support heterogeneous languages. Friendlier to DBA, the MySQL/PostgreSQL version provided now can use any kind of terminal (such as MySQL Command Client, MySQL Workbench, etc.) that is compatible with MySQL protocol to operate data.

  • Totally transparent to applications, it can be used directly as MySQL/PostgreSQL.


The advantages of Sharding-Proxy lie in supporting heterogeneous languages and providing operational entries for DBA.

Proxy Initialization

  1. Download the latest version of Sharding-Proxy.

Use of Registry Center

If users want to use the database orchestration function of Sharding-Proxy, they need to implement instance disabling and slave database disabling functions in the registry center. Please refer to Available Registry Centers for more details.


Sharding-Proxy has provided the registry center solution of Zookeeper in default. Users only need to follow Configuration Rules to set the registry center and use it.

Other Third Party Registry Center

  1. Deletesharding-orchestration-reg-zookeeper-curator-${sharding-sphere.version}.jar under the lib catalog of Sharding-Proxy.

Distributed Transactions

Sharding-Proxy supports LOCAL, XA, BASE transactions, LOCAL transaction is default value, it is original transaction of relational database.

XA transaction

Default XA transaction manager of ShardingSphere is Atomikos. Users can customize Atomikos configuration items through adding in conf catelog of Sharding-Proxy. Please refer to Official Documents of Atomikos for detailed configurations.

BASE Transaction

Since we have not pack the BASE implementation jar into Sharding-Proxy, you should copy relevant jar which implement ShardingTransactionManager SPI to conf/lib, then switch the transaction type to BASE.

SCTL (Sharding-Proxy control language)

SCTL supports modify and query the state of Sharing-Proxy at runtime. The current supported syntax is:

Sharding-Proxy does not support hint by default, to support it, set the props property proxy.hint.enabled to true in conf/server.yaml.In Sharding-Proxy. In Sharding-Proxy, the generic of HintShardingAlgorithm can only be a String type.


  1. Sharding-Proxy uses 3307 port in default. Users can start the script parameter as the start port number, like bin/ 3308.

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